Hal Baxter began marketing his new invention, Draggin' Jeans in 1996. The now famous image of Hal dragging behind a pick-up truck comes from his early R&D work with Draggin' Jeans. Unsatisfied with the sandbags he initially employed to test his new invention, Hal put his ass on the line, literally. Only a genuine body provides realistic weight distribution for testing seam strength and wear to pressure points. After several revisions, Draggin' Jeans were born. Hal's "eureka!" moment came one Sunday afternoon in the midst of a sweltering ride. Hal and a friend stopped for some ice cream to cool down. While waiting in line in some very colorful racing leathers, a small boy gazed transfixed at the pair of motorcyclists. After a few moments of silent contemplation the boy turned and yelled " Hey, Mama! Look at the clowns!"
Hal decided there must be a better way. He developed Draggin' Jeans as an alternative to hot, bulky, unfashionable leathers. Draggin' Jeans are perfect for those times when leather is too much of a hassle. Draggin' Jeans are lined with Kevlar®. Kevlar® is one of the toughest, strongest materials in existence and is used for a variety of applications that require high strength-to-weight ratios (bullet-proof vests, aerospace construction, driver’s helmets, etc.). Five times stronger than steel yet soft and pliable, Kevlar® fabric lines the knees and seat of our jeans, providing superior protection where the motorcycle rider most needs it.
To this day Draggin Jeans is a family owned and run business, manufacturing its products in America, with American made materials. We pride ourselves on quality and the comfortable protection our products afford riders around the globe.