We Have A Long, Proud History.

For almost 25 years, riders have trusted Draggin to save their skin, and their ass. Tested both on and off the road, Draggin products are proven to do exactly what they are intended to do, exactly when riders need it. While some things have changed over the years, our dedication to safety and quality remains strong. To this day Draggin is a family owned and run business, manufacturing in America, with American made materials.
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The First Kevlar-Lined Jeans

It all started with a motorcycle rider named Hal Baxter. Hal was an enthusiast. Living in North Carolina, the doorway to some of the best riding in the world, he made motorcycling his life. Intent on inventing an alternative to his bulky leather racing suit, Hal experiemented with a few options before inventing his now-world-famous Draggin Jeans in 1995.


Draggin Jeans Is Born

Knowing motorcycle riders well, Hal realized that to make them believe in his product he'd have to do something truly spectacular. So, with the help of some friends, he strapped himself to the back of an old pick-up truck and put his ass on the line to prove that his new Draggin Jeans would do exactly what they were intended to do.



Draggin Jeans Goes International

Motorcycle riders all over the world started to hear about Hal Baxter's amazing new Draggin Jeans. One rider in Australia saw an opportunity and agreed to license the name and product for distribution outside of the Americas. In just a few years, riders could find Draggin Jeans in stores throughout Australasia, Europe and Asia


Draggin Liners Enter The Market

Continuing a tradition of innovation and invention, the Baxter family added an exciting new product to its line-up - 100% Kevlar leggings. A product Draggin holds a patent for to this day


A New Beginning

In 2015, the Baxter family decided to sell Draggin Jeans to another motorcycle enthusiast. Kris Growcott purchased the business and relocated it's headquarters North, to the equally motorcycle-loving state of Minnesota. Kris then set about innovating the product line-up and modernizing the business.


The Custom Line

The first innovation from the new Draggin owner, was the launch of the Custom Line of Draggin Jeans. Featuring stretch denim, pockets for armor, and Sta-Cool moisture-wicking technology, Custom Draggin Jeans bring superior comfort and protection to every ride.