Ours is a long history. We were the first to put Dupont ™Kevlar® aramid fibers inside jeans and have the patent to prove it. It all started with a rider's rider, called Hal Baxter.
Hal invented what we now know as Kevlar-lined jeans and began marketing them as Draggin' Jeans in 1996. The now famous image of Hal dragging behind a pick-up truck comes from his early R&D. Unsatisfied with sandbags, Hal put his ass on the line, literally, knowing that only a genuine body would provide realistic weight distribution for testing seam strength and pressure points. After several revisions, Draggin' Jeans were born.
Hal developed Draggin' Jeans as an alternative to hot, bulky, leathers. Lining his jeans with Dupont ™Kevlar® aramid fibers that, on a strength to weight basis, are five times stronger than steel, Hal brought unprecedented comfort to protective motorcycle clothing. Soft and pliable, Dupont™ Kevlar® aramid fibers were perfect for lining traditional denim and providing the protection riders need to see them through an unwanted roadside slide.
For almost 25 years, riders have trusted Draggin to save their skin, and their ass. Tested both on and off the road, Draggin products are proven to do exactly what they are intended to do, exactly when riders need it. While some things have changed over the years, our dedication to safety and quality remains strong. To this day Draggin is a family owned and run business, manufacturing in America, with American made materials.
To hear more from riders who've experienced the benefits of our products, check out the reviews on our product pages or read some of our customer testimonials here.

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