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Animals v Motorcycles


We've all been there. Cruising along a beautiful secluded road, opening it up on the corners and really feeling alive. Then, right in front of you - some sort of beast. Not the type with one hand on their phone and the other out the window. The other kind. A deer. A kangaroo. A bear. A moose. It doesn't have to be big. It just has to be there. Right in front of you. Even something as small as a squirrel is enough to get your adrenalin pumping.

Well ... just in case you haven't experienced this yet, here are some riders who have. 


This rider did a great job of keeping the rubber side down after being blindsided. Check it out.


Another amazing effort by this rider. There's nothing he could have done to avoid the kangaroo. But being able to walk away is pretty darn amazing.


This one is just weird. Just when you think the riders are safe. Bam. Out of nowhere.


This guy saw it coming and did the right thing. If he hadn't been so observant, who knows what could have happened.


Holy cow. Well we assume it's a cow? That moose is huge. You can hear how alive the rider feels right after the near miss. Geez.


In this one, the rider wasn't so lucky. It's only a small bear, maybe even a cub, but it was enough to take this rider down. We hope mamma bear wasn't close behind. She would have been pretty upset.


They don't get any bigger than this. Literally. These guys did a great job of hitting the breaks and gettin' out of there quick.


As if one elephant wasn't enough. This guy pushes his luck a little too far. The herd decide to push back.

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