Draggin Jean Classic Blue

Men's Classic Draggin Jeans

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    Motorcycle Consumer News Recommended Buy! The Classic Draggin’® Jeans have a straight leg with the traditional five pocket design. We also incorporate a larger change pocket on the left side for ease of use on your motorcycle. The jeans are constructed with 14.5 ounce denim and lined at the knee and backside with our famous knitted 13.5 ounce DuPont™ KEVLAR® aramid fiber lining. The protective lining extends from just below the belt loops to, well, just below your ass and extends across from hip seam to hip seam. The protective lining also covers your knee and wraps around the outside of the knee and shin. 

    A NOTE ON SIZING: Our jeans are cut true to size. Your jeans probably are not. PLEASE refer to our notes on sizing by clicking here, and to the size chart below before purchasing. The best way to determine your own waist size is to button a pair of your jeans and measure the distance between the left and right sides of the waist band. Double that and you've got your waist measurement and the size Draggin’® Jeans that will fit you best. Your jeans may say they're a 46, but in all likelihood, they're actually a 48. Please check before buying.

    Each pair of Draggin’® Jeans motorcycle jeans is handmade in the USA! They are pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Relaxed Fit Draggin'® Jeans DO NOT HAVE POCKETS FOR ARMOR. Armor can be added directly to the knitted lining with the use of provided industrial velcro tabs. If you would like jeans with armor pockets in them, please consider our new COMFORT jeans.



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    1. worth the wait

      Good fit and close to the appearance of regular jeans while providing protection from road rad in the case of a get off while underway. Well constructed, they last about ten years before the denim wears out. Now on my third pair. on 20th Feb 2016

    2. Very pleased, only one issue.

      I purchased the classic jeans. Delivery was fairly quick and size chart is dead on. I also ordered the armor for knees and hips. Here is the issue. The armor being held in place by velcro does not stay in place very well. Easily looses place when getting off the bike and walking. So I am sewing (ok, my wife is sewing) a pouch on the inside for where each peace of armor will go. With this and the velcro, it will be perfect. on 19th Feb 2016

    3. riding jeans

      Nice jeans; plenty of room to move around; i love the kevlar panels for piece of mind. They seem longish at first, but once you sit on your bike, the length is just right with bent knees. My only problem was that one of the belt loops broke on my first wearing, which is fixable, but otherwise, a nice quality riding jean. A good product for riding casually without reverting to a full leather suit and looking the part. on 25th Jan 2016

    4. Best riding jean

      When I'm simply riding to work and don't want to completely gear up, these jeans are what I reach for. They offer a good amount of protection while being what appears to be simple jeans. I did crash test them once at 50mph, and while I got a pretty good bruise on my hip, they held up and I got no road rash at all. Highly recommended. on 25th Sep 2015

    5. Slip slid'in away.....NOT

      I tried these jeans on and found they fit quite nicely. I ordered 42" waist and 32" leg. Probably should've gone to possibly a 44" waist and 30" leg. The waist turned out to be snug and the leg length turned out to be about 36". But, overall the material is an exceptional quality and even with the Kevlar patching not too heavy. on 17th Sep 2015

    6. Saving my skin

      I purchased the Draggin Jeans after a recent crash. I had a low side get off at about 30 mph. The road rash on my hip was not large or severe . However it was bad enough for me to upgrade my riding gear.
      The Draggin jeans fit true to size for me. I would say the fit is relaxed. They look good and are comfortable too. One feature that I really like is the leg openings are large enough to easily go over my large riding boots.
      I would purchase again.
      on 14th Aug 2015

    7. Super product Great fit

      Great product and fit, fast delivery on 5th Jul 2015

    8. Best riding jeans ever!!!

      I was told about Draggin' Jeans by my dad, who is also an avid rider like me. He told me about their manufacturing facility in Hickory, NC about 20 minutes from where we live. I took a ride up there and the products are great. I ended up getting a pair of Classic fit jeans from their 2nd run selection and, even though they were "below standards", they are amazing. Extremely comfortable to wear, even on an everyday basis. If you wanna get off the bike and walk around the local shops you don't chafe or pinch anywhere. They get a little warm in the sun if you're sitting at a red light but not much worse than a average pair of jeans would. These are an awesome pair of jeans and I plan on going back very soon to pick up a few more pairs and look at some of their other products. Thanks a bunch Draggin' Jeans and keep it up. on 4th Jun 2015

    9. Awesome jeans

      First pair of riding jeans ever purchased. Fit around hip and thigh area are perfect but length is 2 inches too long. I'm 5 ft 10 inches tall and 195 lbs. I ordered size 34 X 34. Had 2 inches removed and fit is perfect. These pants are rugged and extremely comfortable. Am going to order a couple more pairs size 34 X 32 this time. on 19th May 2015

    10. very nice jeans

      I had read a ad about these Draggin jeans and checked the web site out. I decided after reading reviews on other web sites to buy a pair of these biker jeans. I am very impressed with how they fit and on long rides the jeans do not ride and pinch the frank and beans (lol). I have told all the riders I know that these are the best biker jeans I have seen and worn. on 1st May 2015

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      n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prov...
      This is a real voice message from a happy DRAGGIN customer. It...


    n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prove his products work. Strapped to the back of his buddy's truck he was dragged more than 100 feet with only his DRAGGIN jeans between him and the road. 20 years later we thought we'd do it all again. This time, with a twist. Check it out! Thanks to GAARDHOUSE for shooting and producing and to DREA STUNTS for putting her ass on the line.
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