Draggin Jean Classic Blue

Men's Classic Draggin Jeans

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    Motorcycle Consumer News Recommended Buy! The Classic Draggin’® Jeans have a straight leg with the traditional five pocket design. We also incorporate a larger change pocket on the left side for ease of use on your motorcycle. The jeans are constructed with 14.5 ounce denim and lined at the knee and backside with our famous knitted 13.5 ounce DuPont™ KEVLAR® aramid fiber lining. The protective lining extends from just below the belt loops to, well, just below your ass and extends across from hip seam to hip seam. The protective lining also covers your knee and wraps around the outside of the knee and shin. 

    A NOTE ON SIZING: Our jeans are cut true to size. Your jeans probably are not. PLEASE refer to our notes on sizing by clicking here, and to the size chart below before purchasing. The best way to determine your own waist size is to button a pair of your jeans and measure the distance between the left and right sides of the waist band. Double that and you've got your waist measurement and the size Draggin’® Jeans that will fit you best. Your jeans may say they're a 46, but in all likelihood, they're actually a 48. Please check before buying.

    Each pair of Draggin’® Jeans motorcycle jeans is handmade in the USA! They are pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Relaxed Fit Draggin'® Jeans DO NOT HAVE POCKETS FOR ARMOR. Armor can be added directly to the knitted lining with the use of provided industrial velcro tabs. If you would like jeans with armor pockets in them, please consider our new COMFORT jeans.



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    1. Great fitting and good looking jeans.

      I wear a 34 x 30 Levi's jean size and I bought the same size in the Draggin' Jeans. The Draggin' Jeans fit me nearly perfectly right out of the package (slightly baggy). My first ride with them was a warm muggy day yet they were not any warmer than normal blue jeans. I felt confident knowing I had the Kevlar fabric in the jeans along with the Sas-Tec knee and hip protectors in place if ever needed. I won't be riding anymore with standard blue jeans. My only wish was there were internal pockets to place the protector pads in, instead of the Velcro strips holding them in place. The knee pads felt like they might fall out of place with only two Velcro strips. Good American made product. Buy with total confidence. on 9th Jul 2014

    2. Great Jeans

      I just bought my second pair of draggin jeans, black this time. These jeans are very comfortable. The fit is right on, maybe just a hair on the big side. Very comfortable when riding or just walking around and I feel good knowing the extra protection is there if needed. Based on shopping reviews and my experience, thees are a great value. Definitely Recommend! on 3rd Jul 2014

    3. knee saver

      I recently took a tumble wearing these jeans doing about 20 mph
      I was wearing the knee and hip armor underneath .
      the jeans tore through at the point of impact at the knee but the kevlar held up perfectly
      my only complain is that it is very clumsy when walking in the jeans with the armor in.
      the armor sits just under your knee cap when standing and may come loose when walking.
      when seated on the bike they fit in place perfectly
      the two small velcro strips provided are just enough to hold the armor onto the kevlar.
      I plan on getting more velcro strips to have a firmer grip.
      other than that these jeans are great.
      on 27th Jun 2014

    4. Fit...

      I've tried four or five different brands of Kevlar lined MC jeans. Draggin Jeans are, BY FAR, the sturdiest, highest quality I've found. Denim is THICK (which is good), stitching is MUCH better than foreign-made alternatives, and the lining is perfect.

      Only reason I'm going with four stars vs. five is the fit/cut. Classic fit feels baggy on me. Slim fit is tight.
      on 19th Jun 2014

    5. Comfortable and protective jeans

      I purchased these to replace another pair of riding jeans that was starting to fall apart and the "protection" on those left a lot to be desired. These jeans arrived quickly, are very comfortable, and appear to provide good protection where it is needed most. I actually find these jeans so comfortable that I sometimes wear them even if I am not planning on doing any riding. on 18th Jun 2014

    6. a great choice

      The jeans are extremely comfortable and fit well. on 13th May 2014

    7. The Best of Riding Pants

      This is my third pair of Draggin Jeans. My first pair were purchased in 2003. Although somewhat faded after numerous washing they are still wearable. I am a serious long-distance rider and found my draggin jeans a comfortable riding pant over a wide range of temperatures. Because they are denim they breathe and are therefore comfortable in very hot conditions, and because they are heavy denim, they keep you comfortable in colder temperatures. As for offering protection, in 2011, while riding a twisty back-road in the British Columbia interior I hit a large deer at about 60 mph. on my Goldwing. The deer was killed on impact and my bike sustained $14,000 damage, and except for a bruised right knee - the deer's head hit my leg and my knee crushed the radiator on the bike - I walked away from the incident. I give credit to the Kevlar in the knee area of the jean from protecting me from puncture wounds and other serious injury. In summary, I really like these jeans and would not consider a trip without wearing them. BTW, I'm 69 years old and have been riding for 52 years. on 2nd May 2014

    8. Perfect Fit

      These Jeans are awesome! They are sized exactly right, and the fit is "classic" as stated. Don't waiste your time or money on any of the knock offs or copies. Get the these!! Very thick denim and well made. on 25th Apr 2014

    9. Convenience!

      Long story short; I like 'em. They're well made and very, very comfortable. I have not experienced their crashworthiness so I can't comment on that.

      I consider these to be another tool in the arsenal against road rash. I wouldn't want these as an only jean. For multi day/ multi state touring I'll continue to wear my Aerostich Dariens primarily because those are waterproof. However, for around town, local trips and general day to day riding, these will get the nod.
      My only complaint would be the lack of a pocket for the knee armour. This is why I scored them a 4 instead of a 5.
      on 22nd Apr 2014

    10. These are serious jeans.

      These jeans are the best. One thing I noticed while riding on a 90 degree day is the jeans insulate from the engine heat, particularly while stopped at a traffic light and my calves and thighs didn't burn like they would with regular jeans. The only complaint I have with these jeans is the waist is smaller by size than most other jeans. I wear 36 x 34 and I would suggest ordering a 38" waist for those that also wear a size 36" waist. I hope I never have to test the Kevlar but trust the protection will be much better than regular jeans. I recommend these jeans. on 17th Apr 2014

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      n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prov...
      This is a real voice message from a happy DRAGGIN customer. It...


    n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prove his products work. Strapped to the back of his buddy's truck he was dragged more than 100 feet with only his DRAGGIN jeans between him and the road. 20 years later we thought we'd do it all again. This time, with a twist. Check it out! Thanks to GAARDHOUSE for shooting and producing and to DREA STUNTS for putting her ass on the line.
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