What is Flat Rate Standard Shipping?

Flat Rate Standard shipping is only $10 per order (regardless of the number of items) for packages shipped within the contiguous USA. 

How long will your Flat Rate Standard shipping take to get my package to me?

To give you the most affordable shipping option possible, we use a service called UPS Sure Post. This service is run by UPS and uses your local USPS office and carrier for the final delivery of your package. UPS delivers the package to your closest USPS office, then they deliver the package to you, usually on the following day. Depending on where you live in the United States, this service can take from 3 to 8 business days to deliver your package. All orders placed before noon Central time M-F will ship within one business day. 

How long does UPS Ground take to get my package to me?

This map can give you a good general idea of transit times. All items are shipped F.O.B. in St Paul, MN so you can get exact times by visiting and using 55104 as the origin zip code. Please note: UPS counts only business days (M-F). Saturday deliveries are not standard. All orders placed before noon Central time M-F will ship within one business day.



Can I order from outside the Americas?

Unfortunately not. We only sell and ship to North America, Central America and South America.

Can I special-order other sizes?

Unfortunately the high cost of custom orders makes special sizes cost prohibitive for our customers. However, please contact us as many times we are able to find a size that runs short/long or big/small.

Why do all your Men's jackets start their sizes at Medium?

We have offered Small sizes in the past, but the demand was so, well, small that we did not find it economically feasible to keep them in the line-up. 

Can I get larger than an XXXL jacket?

Again, there is not enough demand to make it possible for us to produce and stock them at this time. Our Draggin'® Jackets are available up to a 3XL.

Do you offer any special discounts?

We offer our products to MSF instructors at a reduced cost. We require a valid instructor ID number, and limit the sales to items for that individual only. All MSF discount orders must be placed by phone as there is no provision for this in our online ordering system.

Can I order factory seconds?

We do sell our seconds at our retail store in St Paul, MN and at our booth at various rallies and races. We do not sell these in any other way, because we want the buyer to see the actual flaw and accept it for what it is. Our seconds have cosmetic flaws only; if the safety parameters are compromised, we will not sell the garment.

Do your jackets also contain a protective lining?

Our Draggin'® Jacket has a protective lining in the arms, shoulders and back. 

What does CE-approved armor mean?

Our Draggin’® Armor is made for us by a German company called SaS-Tec, and it must meet the stringent safety requirements of the European Community. This CE certification is performed by an independent testing laboratory - the process is similar to the Snell rating we often see on helmets in the United States.

Can I install the armor in my jeans, jacket, or shirt permanently?

No. If you have our optional Draggin’® Armor installed in your garment, be sure to remove the armor pads before washing.

What sort of special care is needed for Draggin'® Jeans?

Please read and follow the care instructions on the inside label of your garment. In general, Draggin' Jeans may be washed just like your regular jeans. Close zipper and button before laundering. We recommend a shorter wash cycle with less detergent and cool water to prevent unnecessary wear during washing. NEVER use any form of bleach (including detergents which contain bleach or color safe bleach) with any Draggin'® product. Tumble dry on warm or low setting (not hot). As with any cotton denim, we recommend that you should not over-dry the garment, as this could cause shrinkage.

What sort of special care is needed for my Draggin'® Shirt?

In addition to the care instructions on the inside label, we also recommend closing the Velcro® tabs and turning the garment inside-out before washing. NEVER use any form of bleach (including detergents which contain bleach or color safe bleach) with any Draggin'® product. For the very best results, we recommend hand washing or machine wash in cool water with the Draggin'® Shirt in a mesh laundry bag. Tumble-dry on cool cycle or drip-dry on a plastic hanger.


What is a hold on my credit card account?

A "hold" may be placed on a card account by the financial institution to ensure that sufficient funds remain in the account to cover the cost of a transaction. Contact your financial institution for individual “hold” policies. You may see two separate charges. Holds will automatically drop off.