Gift Certificates


A DRAGGIN Gift Certificate is a great way to say "I care about your safety" without saying, "I like this fancy purple jacket so you'd better like it too." They are completely versatile and leave the dilemma of whether to buy the Classic or the Slim Fit up to the lucky recipient. . You can buy one for any amount from $1 up to $500. They last 2 full years, are redeemed like cash and retain value after each purchase. So, say the Gift Certificate was worth $140 and the recipient purchased jeans and shipping worth $127.95. Then $12.05 would remain on the certificate for a future purchase. Pretty great, right. 

What will I get when i purchase?

You'll get an email confirmation of the purchase with an official purchase number for record keeping. You won't receive a physical Gift Certificate. The Gift certificate will be emailed in digital form to the recipient's email address you enter during the order process. 

What if I want to receive the Gift Certificate before giving it as a gift?

Simple. When prompted to enter the recipient's email, enter your own email. That way you'll receive the Gift Certificate and can print it out and add it to a card or another gift.  

What will the Gift Certificate look like?

Well, it will look a lot like the one above.

Can I use a discount or other offer when buying a Gift Certificate?

No. But when the Gift Certificate is redeemed, it can be used in conjunction with any other offer we have going at the time of redemption. 

So how do I add a Gift Certificate to my shopping cart?

Well that's easy. Just click HERE.