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    For a cool summer ride, try our Draggin® Shirt (Draggin® Liners sold separately). The unique mesh knit is made with 7.25 ounce per square yard DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber, which is comfortable, breathable, allows for excellent air circulation in Summer and layers well in the Winter to help insulate from the cold. Most importantly our Draggin'® Shirts have two layers of the protective aramid fiber at the elbows and shoulders for added protection. 

    Cut long in length and arms to accommodate all riding positions, this high tech shirt also incorporates adjustable Velcro® tabs at the cuffs to prevent riding up and flapping.

    Armored leather is the best safety garment you can wear, but we all know someone who is guilty of wearing just a t-shirt in the hottest summer months. The Draggin’® Shirt easily slips over a t-shirt or replaces it all together and provides some excellent abrasion protection. 

    Each Draggin’® Shirt is also handmade in the USA!

    Please note: The natural color of this protective fiber is canary yellow. Once exposed to sunlight it will deepen to a goldenrod shade. Slight variation in color (as well as the color change) is not only normal, but to be expected.


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    1. Outstanding Customer Service

      I've had a few bumps with quality control on these but the company has really stood behind their product both times to my satisfaction. Company response was immediate, fair, and accommodating with real humans on the other end and no recordings. Good customer service always goes a long way with me. On the shirt itself, being mesh, it's great to wear under your riding gear as a protective layer, and in the really hot weather it lets the air through well as a stand-alone garment or with a drywick-type shirt over or under it. Having first-hand experience with road-rash long ago, I don't ride without one of these. Size seems to be right on the money compared to what I usually wear so not experiencing the size issues that others have noted. Great company. on 15th Apr 2019

    2. No Fit for Medium Tall People

      Neither the medium nor the large fits a MEDIUM TALL person at all. I had to rip out the majority of all the seams and resew the garment to fit me.

      Incidentally, neither the seam threads nor the collar are made of kevar. Hence the description "100%" kevlar is slightly misleading -- more like 98%.

      I use this product for street workout, parkour, bboy breaking, capoeira, cycling, etc -- most of these activities on concrete. The mesh material is excellent -- you can roll on concrete over and over and little to no wear and tear.
      on 29th Mar 2019

    3. Your size chart wrong

      Ordered large shirt, per guidelines. I'm 5'9"; 46" chest, with wide lats.
      Need an XL ; it seems, I will send back for exchange.
      Additionally, two concerns, based on the size L.
      1) the extra material to protect shoulder, mostly sits on upper arm ,and even in an XL, makes me think it would only cover the center of the joint.
      2) I can barely get my hands thru the arm holes; it's as if they were sewn for little girl hands.
      on 18th Jan 2019

    4. good product

      good shirt , size OK .. on 7th Oct 2018

    5. Nice Shirt!

      I got the yellow because it's bright. I only wore this shirt 5 times but I like it. I hope to never actually have to find out if it protects like Draggin says but just the peace of mind is worth the money. You may not be able to tell from the picture but it breaths really well. On the road the wind goes right through it so you stay cool in the summer. When it gets cooler i'll wear it as an undershirt. I also have the slim fit Kevlar pants. Highly recommend both products, super comfortable. Follow the directions for sizing, can't stress that enough. 5 stars! on 20th Jul 2018

    6. Love the shirt

      While I have leathers and other jackets, it gets just too hot to wear them in the summer. The shirt is perfect for this time of the year. It will breathe. The fit is true as well on 10th Jul 2018

    7. Nice shirt

      I purchased the same shirt in gold a few years ago and it had the Draggin patch on the shoulder but not this shirt. I purchased the black this time and it cost more but confused why no patch to say it's a Draggin shirt. Not sure if they sent me a knockoff since it has no name on it. on 23rd Jun 2018

    8. Awesome Confidence

      Proud owner of the long-john and under-shirt gear.

      Love having the confidence to be able to ride in jeans and a t-shirt knowing i and protected by my kevlar underwear. I am constantly bragging about it. It's comfortable and warm or cool (Depending on weather).
      on 22nd Jun 2018

    9. Great shirt and know you're protected!

      I wear medium tee's, but purchased a small here. Was about to exchange for medium, but I think the small works for me and how I plan on wearing it. Possible to wear as a layering shirt over a tee, or even just as a first layer.

      Material isn't itchy. Just be careful with the velcro patch so that it doesn't get caught onto the mesh. I cuffed the sleeve one time to avoid any possible contact.

      Happy I purchased. Thanks Draggin
      on 5th Jun 2018

    10. Just as advertised ~ this shirt is a good deal

      This shirt is a smart move for me. I have gone from a 2 wheel bike to a trike. This shirt gives me what I believe to be reasonable day-to-day protection, comfort and some 'style'.
      30 + years of experience on a bike, now in 7th decade, moved to a trike, but I am a member of the "All the gear , All the Time" mentality.
      on 28th May 2018

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      n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prov...
      This is a real voice message from a happy DRAGGIN customer. It...
      Our unisex Draggin Shirt is made of 100% Military Grade Dupont...


    n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prove his products work. Strapped to the back of his buddy's truck he was dragged more than 100 feet with only his DRAGGIN jeans between him and the road. 20 years later we thought we'd do it all again. This time, with a twist. Check it out! Thanks to GAARDHOUSE for shooting and producing and to DREA STUNTS for putting her ass on the line.
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