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Draggin Shirt

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    For a cool summer ride, try our Draggin® Shirt (Draggin® Liners sold separately). The unique mesh knit is made with 7.25 ounce per square yard DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber, which is comfortable, breathable, allows for excellent air circulation in Summer and layers well in the Winter to help insulate from the cold. Most importantly our Draggin'® Shirts have two layers of the protective aramid fiber at the elbows and shoulders for added protection. 

    Cut long in length and arms to accommodate all riding positions, this high tech shirt also incorporates adjustable Velcro® tabs at the cuffs to prevent riding up and flapping.

    Armored leather is the best safety garment you can wear, but we all know someone who is guilty of wearing just a t-shirt in the hottest summer months. The Draggin’® Shirt easily slips over a t-shirt or replaces it all together and provides some excellent abrasion protection. 

    Each Draggin’® Shirt is also handmade in the USA!

    Please note: The natural color of this protective fiber is canary yellow. Once exposed to sunlight it will deepen to a goldenrod shade. Slight variation in color (as well as the color change) is not only normal, but to be expected.


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    1. Well made Peotection

      I've bought 3 of these shirts last year for my trip out west and really liked having the peace of mind knowing that I would be protected from road rash in the event something would happen. I ordered another 3 shirts for my collection for a longer coast to coast trip I plan on making this summer. These shirts are a no brainer if your looking for protection of your upper torso. on 11th Apr 2015

    2. Quality

      This is the kind of product that you never really want to actually test. But it is made very well, is true to size, and looks like it would do its job. I feel safer wearing it. on 17th Dec 2014

    3. Stops bugs and is comfortable.

      I love this shirt with its cuff clasps. It is good insulation without being too warm, and it will take on a June bug at 60 MPH and win - without the hurt. on 20th Aug 2014

    4. Great shirt...

      Fits right for the size. More comfortable than a jacket. I'll buy another. on 30th Jul 2014

    5. Nice fitting shirt offering solid protection.

      I bought the medium size shirt in yellow with the full armor set including elbow and shoulder pads. It's a mesh fabric so it was surprisingly cool on a warm muggy day wearing it over my standard tee shirt. It was good to know I had fall protection should I ever need it and I like the high visibility yellow it offers. Great American made product. on 9th Jul 2014

    6. Awesome

      I recently took a tumble wearing this shirt doing about 20 mph.
      with the elbow and shoulder armor underneath I walked away with only a bruised ego.
      kevlar held up almost like new.
      simply awesome
      on 27th Jun 2014

    7. Great for hot climates

      I insist on wearing protective gear since going down without. Draggn jeans wear bought before I even had a replacement bike or the casts removed! My regular long sleeved shirt and jeans were torn to ribbons leaving me with more roadrash than I could have imagined. I purchased the shirt as the weather is warming up here in Alabama. Only change I would make is to have pockets for the optional armor instead of either having the armor against you skin or wearing another long sleeved shirt to permit breathing room between the armor and skin. But with the extra layers it would be easier to just wear a jacket. Also as sold there is no Velcro to attach armor, not is included with the armor kit. Half of the Velcro is included, to "grab" the short fibers which seems to weak to hold in place if impacted in a wreck. But those negatives are really about the armor not the great shirt. on 7th May 2014

    8. Tall Man

      I'm 6'8" and the 3xl fits great and looks good. I'll be ordering a black one without hesitation. on 16th Apr 2014

    9. Indestructible

      My original draggin' shirt is 7+ years old and looks practically brand new. One of my kids has claimed it as theirs and I have got myself a brand new one. This product has kept it's shape and color for 7 riding seasons. I t is cool enough to wear in the summer and works as a layer under my leather in the fall. I wouldn't ride with anything else. on 6th Apr 2014

    10. Awsome shirt

      I ordered two shirts at the same time and they showed up incredibly fast. They fit as expected and are very comfortable. I honestly do not know if they work well and hope I never have to find out, but I like the idea Kevlar between me and the road if it does happen. on 27th Mar 2014

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      n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prov...
      This is a real voice message from a happy DRAGGIN customer. It...
      Our unisex Draggin Shirt is made of 100% Military Grade Dupont...


    n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prove his products work. Strapped to the back of his buddy's truck he was dragged more than 100 feet with only his DRAGGIN jeans between him and the road. 20 years later we thought we'd do it all again. This time, with a twist. Check it out! Thanks to GAARDHOUSE for shooting and producing and to DREA STUNTS for putting her ass on the line.
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