Draggin Jean Comfort Slim Fit Kevlar Lined Motorcycle Jean for Men

Men's Blue Comfort Slim Fit Draggin Jeans

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    The Comfort Slim Fit Draggin’® Jeans are cut with a slightly tapered leg and feature a larger coin pocket on the left side for ease of use on your motorcycle. The jeans are constructed with 12.5 ounce stretch denim and lined at the knee and backside with our famous knitted 13.5 ounce DuPont™ KEVLAR® aramid fiber lining. The lining in the Comfort line of our jeans is enhanced with Sta-Cool® Moisture Management Technology for softer, smoother, cooler fiber. The Comfort line alos includes soft, cotton pockets at the knee and hip for the easy addition of our CE approved hip and knee Draggin Armor inserts.

    A NOTE ON SIZING: Our jeans are cut true to size. Your jeans probably are not. PLEASE refer to our notes on sizing by clicking here, and to the size chart below before purchasing. The best way to determine your own waist size is to button a pair of your jeans and measure the distance between the left and right sides of the waist band. Double that and you've got your waist measurement and the size Draggin’® Jeans that will fit you best. Your jeans may say they're a 46, but in all likelihood, they're actually a 48. Please check before buying.

    Each pair of Draggin’® Jeans motorcycle jeans is handmade in the USA! They are pre-washed and pre-shrunk.




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    1. First timer!

      Great fitting jean, very comfortable, only wish they came in a variety of colors If they did I would have given it a "5 star" rating.
      Very helpful folks with the exchange of the first pair I purchased due to sizing (my fault)
      I would totally recommend to my friends and family.
      on 27th May 2018

    2. Believe the tape measure, save the cost of an exchange

      Received my 38/32 comfort slim fit jeans. Nice jeans lighter feeling denim, same Kevlar lining. Fit exactly as Draggin indicated in their fit guide. Comfortable with a bit of stretch but not enough stretch to fit at the waist without popping the button.
      If you, like me, are carrying "just a little" around the middle believe the fitting guide and order the size you know you are, not what you want to be! These are honest jeans, they don't understand "fudging down"! It will be cheaper in the long run.
      I am looking forward to getting my, honest, sure to fit well 40/32's.
      on 2nd May 2018

    3. Better than I expected. Happy with Purchase. Get your measurements!

      Right to the point, better than I expected for a riding jean. Only reason I only gave it 4 stars is because I'm yet to go riding in them or have my butt kiss the pavement (hopefully never) but from fit alone, easily 4 stars.

      Now the detailed review: I originally purchased the Comfort Classic and they were too baggy in the leg and crotch (like I could grab 2 inches of nothing but jean crotch unless I pull them up mom jean style). You definitely want to read the fit description on Draggin's site. If you're a big guy, got big legs or like jeans as baggy as 90's cargo jeans, Classics are probably for you. If you're someone in their 30's or younger or someone who keeps up with modern styles then the Comfort Slim are probably for you. Please note Slim is not Skinny which Draggin does mention on their website. Anyway the Comfort Slim fits more like Lucky jeans straight leg or similar brand. They sit low on the waist, have a "normal" crotch (unlike the Classic) and really do fit like a modern pair of designer jeans. They don't look overly thick (having the Kevlar liner and all) and are very comfortable. For the price point they beat the jeans I see at my local motorcycle shop.
      Some advice...do yourself a solid and get your measurements. They're not joking when they say they make their jeans to actual sizes. You might be able to get away with your normal waste size but the inseam of your designer jeans are definitely lying to you so have your girlfriend, wife, cool gay friend, whatever help you out and measure your inseam or lay down a pair of your favorite jeans and measure from the bottom all the way into the crotch. You'll save yourself a return.
      on 18th Dec 2017

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      n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prov...
      This is a real voice message from a happy DRAGGIN customer. It...


    n 1996 our founder Hal Baxter put his butt on the line to prove his products work. Strapped to the back of his buddy's truck he was dragged more than 100 feet with only his DRAGGIN jeans between him and the road. 20 years later we thought we'd do it all again. This time, with a twist. Check it out!
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