Our Products

What Makes Draggin Products Different?

The Lining

We line our products with 100% Kevlar aramid fiber. What's so different about that? Well, many products on the market claim to use Kevlar, but some have been proven to use a yellow thread that's neither Kevlar, nor aramid. It's simply thread. Offering no protection at all. We use Kevlar under license from DuPont and always have. We're yet to find a more suitable fiber to protect our customers with.


Now there are other products on the market using Kevlar, but not quite the right way. We knit our fibers together. Others simply weave their fibers. So what you say? Well, by knitting our fibers into a terry we maximize the amount of Kevlar per square inch. We use almost twice the amount of Kevlar than most other jeans.

"The difference is in the details. It's the loops that'll save your ass. Everytime."

Knitting our Kevlar also allows us to create tiny loops of the fiber, each loop capable of breaking down independently. That means that even when one fiber fails, the lining fabric maintains its integrity. And by knitting our fibers together, our lining becomes more breathable, making it less warm and uncomfortable on long rides.

One last thing that makes our lining very different, is the treatment we apply to each and every fiber. Before knitting the lining, we apply Sta-Cool to our Kevlar fibers, making them moisture wicking, cooler and softer to the touch.  


The Denim

The denim we use for our jeans provides greater flexibility and comfort. Adding a certain percentage of Spandex, while keeping the denim heavy enough to maintain it's structural integrity, allows us to deliver a motorcycle jean that looks fashionable, feels strong, and allows riders of all shapes and sizes to get on and off their motorcycles with ease.

The Pockets For Armor

Each and every pair of our Comfort line jeans includes internal cotton pockets at the hips and knees for the addition of CE Approved armor inserts. The pockets are constructed to be invisible when not it use, and to hold the armor securely in place when needed.

Why Don't We Line Our Jeans Completely?

We get this question a lot. And, there's a few reasons we don't line our protective jeans from waist to ankle.

1. You don't need that much protection. There's no need to have Kevlar between your legs, behind your knees and calves, or at the bottom of your shins. If you ever come off your bike, those points of your body wont be in contact with the road. The main points of contact are your knees, hips and buttocks. All of those, we have covered.

2. More lining would make the jeans heavier and warmer. Although our terry lining is light, and breathable, it does add weight and warmth to the jeans. More of it, would just mean more weight and less comfort. 

3. Our jeans would become more expensive. Kevlar is the most expensive part of our jeans. If we were to line our jeans from waist to ankle, we'd need to use twice as much Kevlar. That would result in a price increase of over $100. All for no significant protective benefit.