Some Numbers Do Lie.

You probably know this already. You might be a 38 in one brand, a 36 in another and a 39 in another. Strange, when those very numbers are meant to be actual measurements, right? Well here at Draggin Jeans our numbers speak the truth. If a pair of Draggins state that they are a 36 inch waist, then they will be just that - 36 inches around the waist. If they say they have a 30 inch inseam, then ... well you can see what we're getting at here. Our sizes represent actual measurements.

Now that doesn't mean there isn't some slight variation in each jean. Some denim washes differently than others and the layer of Kevlar can influence the way some jeans go through the washing cycle. But we do all we can to ensure that those variation are minimal and accounted for in production.

Having accurate sizing doesn't mean we don't get it wrong sometimes. We're only human. Sometimes products get mislabeled and sometimes the guys making our jeans just have an off day. When that happens, we'll do all we can to make sure you get the correct size and the product you're after. 

So how do I get the right size for me?

Here's the best way to do it - find a pair of jeans that fit you well and measure them. We know it sounds like a pain, but it can save a lot of hassle later down the road.

To measure the waist of the jeans, lay them on a flat surface, take the left side and the right side of the waist band and pull them firmly apart. if your jeans have stretch in the band then pull them out until the stretch starts to engage. Don't pull them too far or you will get an inaccurate measurement. Once you're comfortable that the jeans are pulled out correctly, measure the distance inside the waist band, from the left to the right. Double that number and you've got your waist measurement. 

To measure the inseam of the jeans, again lay them on a flat surface and pull one leg out straight. Now measure the seam on the inside of the leg (the inseam) from the edge of the cuff all the way up to where that seam meets the seam going down the other leg. Make sure to measure along the full seam (taking into account any curve in the line of the jean) to get an accurate measurement.

Now, with those measurements in hand you can assess which style of jean is going to suit you best.


Each of our jeans is cut to a different pattern and slightly differs in style and sizing. Below you'll find a description of each style and their exact measurements.

Men's Jeans

Men's Classic Draggin Jeans

As the name suggests, these are our classic jeans. They're a no-nonsense sort of jean for a no-nonsense sort of rider. The leg is cut straight and the styling traditional. As with all of our Draggin Jeans, you'll find our protective Kevlar lining across the knees and the seat. If you just want a jean that looks like all of your other jeans - this is the one for you.


Men's Slim Fit Draggin Jeans

These jeans are slightly tapered through the leg. No, they're not skinny jeans. They're slim fit. Which just means they fit more snuggly through the thighs and down to the calf. They also sit a little lower on the hips and higher in the crutch than our Classic and Relaxed fit jeans (that's why they measure a little wider in the waist and longer in the leg). If you're a slimmer, more lanky guy, or just think less is more - this is the motorcycle jean for you.


Big Men's Draggin Jeans

These are very similar to our Classic Jeans in styling and shape. Although, obviously, they are sized for the bigger riders. The leg is slightly tapered to keep the jeans fitting comfortably, and the rise at front and back is designed to keep everything comfortable and contained. If you're a bigger guy looking for a motorcycle jean designed and sized just for you - then here it is.big-mens-draggin-jeans-sizing.png

Men's Relaxed Draggin Jeans

These are for the guys who like to let it all hang out. They're built to give you plenty of room to move while on the bike. From the waist all the way down to the cuff, these jeans provide more room in the leg than our Classic Jeans. They've still got a pretty traditional look and feel but hang loose around the thighs and calves, by design. If you've got big thighs or just want a jean that's loose and relaxed - this is the one for you.


Women's Jeans

Women's Straight Leg Draggin Jeans

Our newest women's jean and by-far our most popular. These jeans are cut to be fitted, but not tight, and have a slightly tapered leg that allows enough room for the addition of armor. They're cut with a mid-rise at the front and are cut slightly higher at the back for better coverage while riding. They're available in two leg lengths and are a great option if you're looking for a go-to riding jean.


Women's Modern Fit Draggin Jeans

If you like to wear your jeans a little lower on your waist and a little firmer around the thighs and backside, then this is the jean for you. It's simple it its styling, tough in its construction, and sneaky it its ability to keep your butt well and truly protected.


Women's Retro Fit Draggin Jeans

These are a higher waisted jean that afford women riders more coverage, on and off the road. They taper a little at the waist, go out around the hips, backside and thighs and then taper back down through the calves. There is enough room in the cuff to slide it over a boot, but they are definitely not a boot-cut jean. If you like a higher waisted jean with a little more room - this is the one for you.


Draggin Jackets

The Draggin Jacket is old school denim cool. It's cut to be close fitting and snug while you ride. It's not a long jacket so expect it to come down to just below your waist. If you want a jacket that looks great on and off the bike, this one's for you.


Draggin Shirts

The cut and fit of the Draggin Shirt is very similar to that of a simple, long sleeve undershirt. It's purposefully made to be worn close to the body so you can wear it under any jacket, or, if you prefer, as a simple outer-garment. It's cut long in the sleeve and body to ensure you'll always be protected.


Draggin Liners

Similar to our Draggin Shirt, the Draggin Liners are cut like a traditional pair of longjohns. They are purposefully designed to be worn close to the body so you can wear them under any sort of pant or trouser. They are cut to sit just at the ankle and include a foot strap to keep them secured during an off.