Tried and Tested.

1.-jake-b..jpgThis shirt works. I went for quite a belly slide last night.  
It was much nastier of a slide than your shirt leads on, but this is all the damage that was done to.  The only reason there is a hole in the shirt is because of metal on my badge that I was still wearing. All I wore under my Draggin' shirt was a simple work polo. I have no scrapes on my upper torso. I'll continue to use your products with experienced confidence. If it wasn't for my gloves, helmet, and your shirt, I'd be recovering in a hospital. In fact, your shirt worked so well and that I may order some of your pants. The ones I was wearing were double layered in the knee but I still got some road rash. I have no problems being protected! It probably saved my life!

Jake B., Minnesota

3.-justin-l..jpgI was on a group ride with about 30 other riders. We were on a road I hadn't ridden in months so I was pretty unfamiliar with it. I entered a corner about 40mph when I noticed too late that it was a decreasing radius corner and I was going too fast, I leaned in farther and eased off the throttle right about that time I hit a dip in the road and my foot peg dug into the ground at the same time which threw everything off and down I went. Since I was leaning off the bike I landed knee first onto the rough asphalt and I slid about 40-50ft total until I landed in a muddy ditch. I immediately jumped up and regained my bearings about this time some of the other riders had already begun to pull my bike out of the mud so we could assess the damage. The only damage I received was a small bit of rash on my knee similar to a carpet burn caused by the Kevlar rubbing against my leg as I slid. If it had not been for these jeans I would definitely have ended up in the hospital.

Justin L., Florida

6.-tricia-s.-lo-res-.jpgIn my original review of the women's jeans [in Roadbike Magazine], I stated that I planned on purchasing a couple more pairs... well, I wasn't just saying that. I love my Draggin' Jeans, and since have had the opportunity to test some competitor's products, and still choose the Draggin' jeans first.

Tricia, S.

7.-dee-c..jpgI was going to take my 2011 Harley Davidson Fatboy for a ride on a perfect 72 degree New Mexico day. I decided to stop and buy some contact lens solution before my ride. When I was stopped at the 4 way stop, the auto to my left had the right of way. That car proceeded through the intersection and was about 1/4 of the way through when I felt WHAM coming from the back. The guy pushed me about 2-3 feet. The first instinct in a rider is to keep the bike up, which amazingly I did. The pipes were already hot from my ride and I didn't realize I had put both legs down to help steady and stop the bike. I have ridden in normal jeans before and trust me I would have suffered a 2-3 degree burn from holding my bike in such an unnatural position (or laid the bike down from the pain). My Draggin’ Jeans were warm to the touch. I NEVER ride without them and I'm sure glad I had them on that day. I surely would be having a skin graft...BTW I am a flight paramedic and KNOW it could have been worse! Thanks, Draggin’ Jeans for saving me from what would have been a horrible burn. BTW...the 81 year old who rear ended me stated he NEVER saw me...RIGHT in FRONT of him! Ride safe!

Dee C., New Mexico

8.-steven.jpgOn August 17th, 2010. I took a turn too wide on a country road and lost control of the bike. Speed: between 35 and 40 mph.  I landed on my left back side and sustained 5 fractured ribs. The ribs and small scrap on my elbow were the only injuries. As you can see from the pictures, the rip in the jeans never went past the Kevlar and my leg never received a single mark because of that!!!!


My husband I recently went on a 5400 motorcycle trip and wore our Draggin Jeans about half the trip. The jeans are comfortable, look good when not on the motorcycle and aren’t too hot, and wash and dry like normal denim.  I like that I don’t have to adjust for the thicker jean and can wear my size, and that the women’s jeans are stylish with a medium rise.  Thanks for great jeans for riding!

Deb W.

Actually bought my first pair over 10 years ago and found them to be a great precaution for anunexpectedpatch of pea-gravel on soft shoulder right turn. Your jeans literally saved myass…and I still have them. I highly recommend Draggin' Jeans to any and all riders no matter what your experience level, for those unexpected obstacles.

David C.

This weekend I took the Civilian Police Motorcycle Course (CPMC) an advanced motorcycle training program.  We were practicing emergency stops I used too much front brake and the front wheel locked up and I hit the pavement.  We were only doing speeds of less than 30 mile per hour but I was surprised at how far I slid across the asphalt.  Lucky for me I was wearing my Draggin Jeans.  The cotton material near the knee was torn away exposing the kevlar underneath.  The instructor assumed my knee was cut, he inspected my leg and I had not so much as broke the skin!  The Draggin Jeans saved me from leaving skin out on the course.  Everyone else in the class was wearing normal blue jeans and I hope this example convinced my classmates the advantage of the kevlar reinforced Draggin Jeans. Thanks for making a quality product!

Matthew B., Minnesota

Just wanted you to know that I had the unfortunate need for the protection these jeans offer.  I went down on rain slick roads due to an emergency stop situation and slid some distance on pavement and came out of it with no (as in zero) road rash.  Virtually no injury on my legs or rear end other than minor bruises.  The rest of my body was protected as well with riding gear so in the end, the bike was a lot worse for wear than myself. Thanks for an awesome product.  I'll be ordering another pair today.

Jeff B., Colorado

Ordered my second pair of Draggin' Jeans today. I've had my current pair for over a year now and they've been great. Even with all the Kevlar, they're so comfortable I basically just wear them all the time.

Edward S., Mississippi

10.rodneyw.jpgI just want to say you have a great product, I have a pair of your jeans that I bought in the late 90s and still wear them every day, they are really faded, but still are holding together, was just thinking about how well they are made and the quality of the material, when these finally fall apart I will definitely buy another pair, Thanks.

Rodney W., Indiana